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Drinks Reception

5 September 2017 at 18:30

We will be hosting a Welcome Cocktail Reception at the City Hall in Marseille on Tuesday evening. This is an opportunity for you to come and meet us early ahead of the conference! Register and collect your conference materials before enjoying some light refreshments in the stunning Marseille City Hall. (Timings TBC.)

Address: Hotel de Ville - Salle Bailli de Suffren - Quai du Port - 13002 MARSEILLE
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This is very central so please make your own way there for 18:30hrs.

Social Trip

6 September 2017 at 17:00

Address: Quai des Belges.

Please meet here at 16:30 - (the conference ends at 15:30) this is a 15 minute walk from the campus.
For a map please see

Boarding will commence at 16h45 prompt. Please ensure you have your ticket with you otherwise you will not be permitted to board the boat.

We are delighted to present to you an exclusive boat trip where we will depart from "Vieux-Port" and then once we have crossed the Vieux- Port in Marseille, we will head off Cap Croisettes either sailing along Marseille's harbor and the Prado beaches or sailing off the Chateau d'If. The whole boat trip is commentated to ensure you have a glimpse into the history of this stunning city.

We will move on and discover the Calanques of Sormiou then Morgiou to reach Sugiton then back to the Vieux-Port in Marseille.

This is the best opportunity to see some of the stunning coastal scenery that the south of France has to offer, enjoying a beverage and networking with our cohort of International delegates.

The social trip is not included in the registration fee and advance purchase of a ticket is essential.

Please purchase your ticket during your online registration process for €35.00.

Tickets are on a first come, first served basis and any remaining will be sold on-site for €40.00 per person.

Conference Gala Dinner

7 September 2017 at 7:30pm

The KES2017 Gala Dinner will be held at "Les Etoiles du Fort" at the Fort Gantaume.

Address is: RESTAURANT FORT GANTEAUME (Les Etoiles du Fort) - 2 Boulevard Charles LIvon - 13007 MARSEILLE

Delegates can either meet at Quai des Belges (same place as we boarded the boat on Wednesday for the KES2017 Social Trip) at 07:00pm for a 15 minute walk to the dinner, or make their own way to the restaurant for latest 07:30pm.

The Fort Ganteaume restaurant, Les Etoiles du Fort, offers its guests a very unique experience. The large panoramic dining room offers an exceptional views on the Old Port and the 'Good Mother.'

The history of Fort Ganteaume (formerly Fort Saint Nicolas) is confused with that of Marseille. Classified as a historic monument since 1969, Fort Ganteaume was commissioned by Louis XIV to protect the harbor of Marseille and was built by the knight Louis Nicolas de Clerville in the 17th century.

In 1887, the military authorities baptized Fort Saint-Nicolas Superior "Fort d'Entrecasteaux", while the lower Fort Saint-Nicolas took the name of Fort Ganteaume, Vice Admiral and Prefecture Maritime of Toulon. This monument is now occupied by the Cercle Mess of the Marseille-Aubagne Defense Base.

Fort Ganteaume is proud and happy to share its history by receiving, hosting and catering for military personnel and civilians from the Ministry of Defense.

See some amazing photographs

The conference Gala Dinner will take place on the evening of 07 September 2017 for those with Full Registration or who have purchased a ticket. Please do not forget to bring your ticket with you to the restaurant - these will be distributed at time of on-site registration.

The Vigipirate (anti-terrorist) plan which is in place in France, encourages security checks at the entrance to all public places, restaurants and so on. Please keep your necessary tickets/badges on you at all times.

Delegates that have not got their badges on Tuesday evening at the City Hall and that cannot show an acceptance letter from KES International will not be allowed in the Campus on Wednesday morning and rectifying this will cause delay.

Please wear your lanyards at all times.

21st Annual
KES Conference
Marseille, France
6-8 September 2017